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from Actor to Elocution Coach, Ithaca College alum, Brinkley

Helping business professionals improve voice, speech, communication presence and delivery is the service and passion that drew Cheryl Moore Brinkley from the stage to create B. Vocal.  An alum of Ithaca College, she was recently interviewed by the Ithaca College (IC) View, about how following one’s path can lead to previously unimagined career change and success.

World Voice Day, 2015

How will you celebrate WORLD VOICE DAY today, April 16, 2015?  Be vocal any way you can.  Sing, speak, shout!  As a client said in today’s coaching, “This work is ‘pan-relevant’!”  Healthy voice, expression, and effective communication connectedness is holistic and joyous.  Here are some great resources.

Cheryl on CBS-WCCO TV’s This Morning

Do you have Vocal Fry?  Uptalk? Natalie Nyhus asks Cheryl to explain how bad vocal habits can hurt a woman’s career. View the full interview at:


April 16th is World Voice Day.  How will you celebrate with your unique instrument? I suggest starting off with some humming, then sing a song or recite something fun out loud. I started today by “rapping” Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven.  Really! Yes, I cracked myself up, but now my voice and speech consonants are nicely warmed-up. Don’t know how to play with your speaking voice? Schedule a free phone consult with Cheryl: For more resources, check out the official WVDay site: 

Minneapolis Voice & Speech Coach Cheryl Moore Brinkley

Success Story — Client shares how Voice & Speech Coaching landed her dream job.

Can Voice & Speech Coaching help you succeed? I was recently touched to receive this beautiful email from a former client, who has given me permission to share her story. Decide for yourself: –“I wanted to share an experience with you that made me thank my lucky stars again that I was able to have your training and mentorship as part of my life a couple of years ago. I was asked to speak at my company’s national sales meeting that took place at the beginning of January, which was a … Read More

5 Tips for DIY Videos — How to Talk to the Lens, by Cheryl Moore Brinkley of B. Vocal

Cheryl was interviewed on a Google+ Hangout by Paulino Brener of Social Media Travelers in January of 2013.  View to get Cheryl’s 5 practical tips for how to look good on a self-made video.  

Your Voice & Speech as Marketing Tools for Your Brand

Cheryl was recently interviewed by Susan Gangsei of Purpose Driven Marketing, about how one’s Voice tone and Speech clarity are important parts of brand. If you want to find out how to use your voice for a great impression with clients and customers, contact Cheryl for a free consultation.

B.Vocal   Featured on WCCO Radio

Cheryl was featured in a story about “vocal fry” on WCCO Radio Minneapolis. Click the arrow to play. Click inside the player to skip ahead or back. or click here to download

Cheryl is featured in an article in MORE Magazine online

Cheryl is featured in an article in MORE Magazine online (click to #15)

MN Women’s Press: Voices — My Favorite Instrument

MN Women’s Press:  Voices — My Favorite Instrument, by Cheryl Moore Brinkley:

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