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Vocal Fry — Cheryl is interviewed on CBS MN WCCO TV This Morning

Posted on by Cheryl Moore Brinkley

Do you have Vocal Fry?  Uptalk? Or do you have the Voice of Leadership?  Natalie Nyhus interviews Cheryl for CBS affiliate WCCO This Morning. View the full interview at:


Posted on by Cheryl Moore Brinkley

April 16th is World Voice Day.  How will you celebrate with your unique instrument? I suggest starting off with some humming, then sing a song or recite something fun out loud. I started today by “rapping” Edgar Allen Poe’s The … Continue reading

January Event! U of St. Catherine’s 17th Annual Women’s Leadership Challenge Conference, 1-30-2014

Posted on by Cheryl Moore Brinkley

If you’re looking for an inspiring way to boost skills and enhance your leadership potential in 2014, Cheryl will present a mini version of Women’s Voices at Work at this exciting and prestigious leadership event.  Please click here to see … Continue reading

Unique VOICE SCARVES made by B. Vocal client, Sheri Klein

Posted on by Cheryl Moore Brinkley

My client, artist & educator Sheri Klein, has just opened her online store: . Sheri has created beautiful silk scarves printed from the voice frequency graphs of spoken, affirmative statements.  You can wrap one around your throat chakra as you … Continue reading

Tips to help you perfect your elevator speech

Posted on by Cheryl Moore Brinkley

This Harvard Review article offers several great tips for perfecting your all-important elevator speech.  One point not mentioned is: Deliver your speech in a modulated, resonant tone of voice to make a great connection with your listener and sound grounded … Continue reading

Classic Vocal Exercise with Help from Classic Stars

Posted on by Cheryl Moore Brinkley

All my Voice & Speech clients know the benefits of practicing the “Moses Supposes” exercise to get the jaw open and the lips forward.  Feel like trying it?  Here’s some help from the stars of Singin’ in the Rain:

Use These Words to Make a Smart Impression

Posted on by Cheryl Moore Brinkley

This article contains a list of supposedly impressive vocabulary words.  If you choose to use them, do you know how to pronounce them correctly?  Some need really refined articulation skills to pull them off. Cheryl at B. Vocal can help … Continue reading

5 Tips for DIY Videos — How to Talk to the Lens, by Cheryl Moore Brinkley of B. Vocal

Posted on by Cheryl Moore Brinkley

Cheryl was interviewed on a Google+ Hangout by Paulino Brener of Social Media Travelers in January of 2013.  View to get Cheryl’s 5 practical tips for how to look good on a self-made video.  

Your Voice Can Boost or Sabotage Your Career

Posted on by Cheryl Moore Brinkley This article from the Wall Street Journal offers new evidence that tone of voice can greatly affect one’s career, and it also advocates getting voice coaching.  There’s also a fun graphic, showing different types of vocal sound, aligning with … Continue reading

Your Voice & Speech as Marketing Tools for Your Brand

Posted on by Cheryl Moore Brinkley

Cheryl was recently interviewed by Susan Gangsei of Purpose Driven Marketing, about how one’s Voice tone and Speech clarity are important parts of brand. If you want to find out how to use your voice for a great impression … Continue reading

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