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Public Speaking Fear? Shift Your Thoughts.

Is one of your biggest fears having to speak publicly? Give a report at a meeting? Pitch a design or a project? Network with new people? Win a job interview or promotion? One of the major ideas I share is: In the moment you feel nervous, you’re too self-centered. Harsh? I find this to be always true, for my clients, students and my self. Put more simply: It’s not about you! What a relief, right? My B.Vocal Presence coaching techniques involve time-honored exercises from theatre performance to help you shift … Read More

Accent Modification Checklist

If you speak accented English, wish you were better understood, and have wondered about getting accent modification coaching or training, here’s a great little article with 10 questions to help you decide. B. Vocal can help with all of these points, especially the physical how-to of creating the specific sounds of American English. Read more here…

Speaking Anxiety? 10 Causes

Speech coach, Gary Genard does it again with this terrific article about 10 Causes of Speech Anxiety.  And his blog article includes free downloads that I heartily recommend.  My B. Vocal Presence Coaching is also theatre-based performance coaching, agrees with Gary’s work, AND I have a few more tips and exercises for shifting your perception of fear to do-able techniques that change nerves to the fuel of success whenever you speak.  Yes, that’s a teaser…

5 Ways to Develop a Warmer, Richer Tone of Voice

Gary Genard offers this great article on speaking with a richer, warmer tone for more effective, leadership communication.  I heartily agree and can help you with exercises and guidance to grow each of these 5 areas of vocal production.

Public Speaking — TED Talks Raises the Bar

Upping your game, raising your profile, demonstrating leadership, sharing your passion… TED Talks has increased awareness that great public speaking is often a big component of an essential skill set for success.  Your body (voice, speech, breath, energy, gesture, expression, movement) is a primary piece of business equipment. Have you learned to really use it?  TED Talks speakers hire coaches, and you can, too. Check out this Forbes article  B. Vocal coaching can help you get to the next level in your career.

Vocal Health Tips to Keep You Talking

It’s that time of year in the northern latitudes, when many suffer from colds, viruses, and the stresses of breathing dry, heated indoor air, and I’m often asked for tips about how to care for the voice.  Of course, the first thing is to learn to play your vocal instrument without undue stress and strain every day (that’s where B. Vocal training comes in), but there are healthful habits you can cultivate.  Your voice is body-produced and needs physical care.  Here’s a great resource provided by the National Center for … Read More

Pronunciation Changes; What’s Correct?

B. Vocal clients are shown how to aspire to dialect/accent free, Standard American Pronunciation.  But language constantly changes.  And is talking about standards in communication somehow classist?  As your personal coach, I’ll always offer you the range of possible pronunciations and tell you honestly how some pronunciations might be judged.  You make informed choices according to your style and your audience, image and communication needs.  Most important is speaking with a natural, released vocal tone and clear diction.  If changes in English interest you, check out this article from The … Read More

World Voice Day, 2015

How will you celebrate WORLD VOICE DAY today, April 16, 2015?  Be vocal any way you can.  Sing, speak, shout!  As a client said in today’s coaching, “This work is ‘pan-relevant’!”  Healthy voice, expression, and effective communication connectedness is holistic and joyous.  Here are some great resources.

Tips for Conversational Charm — Millennials need help

Younger speakers are being described as “bleating” and “grunting” when conversing.  SO unattractive and ineffective.  Is that how you’d like your voice & speech style described?  Probably not.  Break free from the herd and try these tips.

Intelligent sounding VOICE tone key to Job Interview

According to this new study from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, the sound of a job applicant’s voice is a key factor.  Do you speak well enough to sound intelligent?

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