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Celebrate World Voice Day! Warm up with Cheryl.

B. VOCAL invites you to celebrate World Voice Day on April 16th, 2015, by warming up your voice and speech.  Join Cheryl in this easy, 5-minute warm-up to help you release your best voice. Our intrinsic, naturally human way of communicating is vocal.  We can learn signing and writing secondarily, but vocalization and spoken language are first.  The impulse to speak is instinctive, and you have a built-in instrument. If you also have an instinct  to “run away!” from the very thought of releasing a better vocal sound and speaking … Read More

Your Voice & Speech as Marketing Tools for Your Brand

Cheryl was recently interviewed by Susan Gangsei of Purpose Driven Marketing, about how one’s Voice tone and Speech clarity are important parts of brand. If you want to find out how to use your voice for a great impression with clients and customers, contact Cheryl for a free consultation.

American English Pronunciation Tip: HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

When we give thanks, we open our hearts and speak our gratitude.  In order to let that flow outward so someone else can receive it, we also need to open our mouths.  Physically.  THANK has the same big, open “A” vowel as HAPPY.  If you remember last month’s tip, this is the same sound as in HALLOWEEN (if correctly pronounced.) In the upper Midwest, dialect often results in THANK being pronounced close to a short e sound, as if the word were “Thenk.”  It’s just too small to express the … Read More

American English Pronunciation Tip: How to say Halloween

There’s lots of confusion about how to pronounce Halloween. Language morphs, so there’s a difference between common, everyday pronunciation and what’s considered preferred.  To help with this holiday, you might want to consider the meaning of the root words. Hollow, pronounced HAH-loh (like the American o in hot), means empty on the inside. The owl sits in the hollow oak tree. Hallow, Pronounced Ha-loh (like the a in hat), means to make sacred, to sanctify. Hallowed = holy. All’s Hallowed Evening, got shortened to All Hallow’s Eve, to Halloween. It’s … Read More

The Science of Vocal Fry

Here’s a great article explaining more about what’s involved in that vocal fry sound.  

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