Express, Engage, Inspire. Success comes easier when you sound better, 
connect better and perform better.

What Skills Will B. Vocal Help You Improve?

Personal Performance AssetsSM

“Voice & Speech Training, and Presence Coaching work together to strengthen the full range of your Personal Performance AssetsSM. Mastering these two distinct aspects of communication creates authenticity and the magical attraction people describe as ‘charisma.’ Anyone can benefit from B.Vocal  training, regardless of when you begin or which area of communication you want to address first.”

Voice & Speech Training Presence Coaching

Sound Better

Develop your vocal ability.

It’s not what you say; it’s how you say it.”

Awareness – Overcoming Nerves

Positive, Rich Tone

Breath & Support

Projection – Volume without Strain

Diction & Articulation

Standard American Pronunciation

Expressiveness & Flexibility

  • Pacing, Pitch, Flow
  • Intonation & Inflection

Conveying Meaning through

  • Vocal GesturesSM

May also include:

  • Accent & Dialect Modification/Reduction
  • American Accent Training

Connect & Perform Better

Develop your non-verbal skills.

How you look, listen, move and react conveys meaning.”

Confidence to be your True Self

Purpose & Passion



  • Posture & Position
  • Body Language & Gesture
  • Eye Contact & Focus
  • Space & Movement
  • Facial Expression

Trust & Believability

Cultural Awareness

Eliciting Positive Audience Response

Content Delivery

  • In Person
  • On-camera

Services for Performing Artists
  • Voice & Speech Training
  • Stage Dialects
  • On-camera Acting Technique
  • Private Audition & Monologue Coaching
  • Role Preparation – Script & Copy Interpretation

Voice & Speech Training

Sound Better: “Whether people really hear, connect with and understand you depends upon how you speak. First, learn to speak well; then add content.”

The opportunity to communicate a positive impression is not reserved exclusively for face-to-face meetings. Today, it is as likely that you will make your first connection using only your voice on the phone or via online conferencing or webcast. If you want to learn to communicate well, you need to ask yourself, “Does my tone attract or repel?” “Will people understand me?”

Cheryl teaches specific Voice & Speech Skills  to help you speak clearly and well, including Accent & Dialect Modification/Reduction if needed, and using Vocal GesturesSM   (intonation and expression) to convey meaning. A well-developed voice and speaking skills will help you create an unforgettable, positive impression. Learn how to use your voice to deliver any message, anywhere, anytime to anyone.

Presence Coaching

Connect & Perform Better. “There is great value in being able to see yourself as others see you and respond to them without giving away your ‘self’ to their judgment.”

Communicating effectively requires understanding how others interpret non-verbal cues to decide who you are and decode what you mean. It’s human nature to take meaning from non-verbal cues, such as posture, gestures, expressions, eye contact and body movement. When you embrace your unique self and learn how to focus your body, confidence, energy and passion toward connecting truly with others, you will create the ideal communication environment to deliver what you intend, live or on-camera.

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Cheryl teaches non-verbal and performance skills to help you constructively engage others. You will learn how to forget the “sell” and just be yourself, to establish credible, authentic “relationship contracts” with others. Presence means being confidently, honestly present. By learning how to use non-verbal skills to convey your unique self and integrity to others, you will excel whenever you engage, whether your goal is to inform, inspire or entertain.

Services for Performing Artists

Refine your craft. Cheryl Moore Brinkley has coached and directed performing artists for more than two decades. She is highly respected for her skill in helping other theatre professionals mature in the craft, master an accent or dialect, interpret scripts, and refine their performance techniques, preparing them to work onstage or on-camera.

Contact Cheryl to discuss your needs, goals and timeline.

“The medium and content are not the true essence of communication ― you are.” -- Cheryl Moore Brinkley
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