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Only 5 left in stock! This DVD lets you begin to work with Cheryl Moore Brinkley as she teaches a live workshop on the Four Guideposts of Voice and Speech: Easy, Open, Forward, & Energized Flow.  Get started with all the awareness basics of the B. Vocal  method and learn a process of warm-ups you can use daily to improve your overall voice & speech or as preparation for any presentation or speaking engagement.  Package includes a printed quick guide to the Four Guideposts with easy Warm-ups.

Buy the DVD: $24.95

Price includes MN sales tax and shipping.

See Cheryl in Action

Preview photo of the workshop held in St. Paul, MN, in 2011.

If you were to attend this as a live, 1/2 day workshop, you’d pay up to $250.00.

Of course, having Cheryl as your personal elocution coach to take you through the training in person, and customize to your individual needs is ideal, and this DVD is a great, practical start.  It covers the B. Vocal  fundamentals that Cheryl teaches all her Voice & Speech clients.

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