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Customized Training and Coaching for Business and Professionals


You may be in HR, a Manager, an Admin for a business, corporation, non-profit foundation, or part of an organization’s Talent Development & Sustainability, and you’re seeking personal communication or public speaking skills help for your Executives, Emerging & Aspiring Leaders, Management, Valued Associates and Talent.

OR… You are motivated to improve your personal communication skills and your employer will fund this professional development coaching to support you as you advance in your career.


B. Vocal  services covering the 3 areas of Personal Performance Assets (Voice & Speech, Presence, Delivery) are offered as:

Cheryl is also available as a Guest Speaker for your large group or event.  Set topics include:


Those who present, speak publicly, serve clients, or use the phone or webinars to represent your company or group should be able to reinforce (not undermine) your brand and image.

Effective personal communication skills eliminate loss of time and lost possibilities that may occur due to weak volume, misunderstood pronunciation, or resistance to tone.

Having confidence in one’s ability to speak well, be understood, and make a professional impression builds self-esteem and positively impacts on-the-job relationships and performance.

B. Vocal coaching and training results in:

View the B. Vocal client list and read testimonials from other business professionals.


Meet with Cheryl Moore Brinkley (by phone or in person)  to assess your group’s needs & goals.  She will custom craft a plan to assure successful outcomes and respond to your RFP via email within 72 hours of your conversation.

Assessment is part of any initial individual coaching. Let Cheryl recommend what’s needed to gain the communication edge.

Coaching and Training take place at  the  B. Vocal  studio, 1200 Washington Ave., So., Ste. 265, in Minneapolis, MN, 55415
OR at your business site.

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