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Public Speaking Fear? Shift Your Thoughts.

Is one of your biggest fears having to speak publicly? Give a report at a meeting? Pitch a design or a project? Network with new people? Win a job interview or promotion?
One of the major ideas I share is: In the moment you feel nervous, you’re too self-centered.
Harsh? I find this to be always true, for my clients, students and my self. Put more simply:
It’s not about you! What a relief, right?
My B.Vocal Presence coaching techniques involve time-honored exercises from theatre performance to help you shift from the fear of being judged and failing to the joy of making meaningful connections and eliciting positive response. I’ve created ways to show my clients how to use different parts of themselves, how they think and actions they take physically, to leap away from fear focus and into empowering interaction whenever they speak.
This article from BBC News sheds light on the neuro-linguistic programming involved… and so much more.

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